US Snow Cover & Snow Depth Right Now VS Last Year:

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snow cover usa
Western US snow cover now versus last year at this time

It’s no secret that it’s been damn cold in the USA and that snow cover has been much higher than normal for this time of year.  Last year had less overall snow coverage but where we had snow, then snow was deep last year in many spots.

us snow cover map
USA snow depth map

Just look at the snow coverage map for this year!  Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada are nearly completely covered in snow.  Even California is pretty darned buried.  Impressive.

california snow cover
Snow Cover in California as of December 8th, 2013

The far northern rockies and the far northern pacific northwest do have deeper snowpacks this year compared to last year, though.

utah snowpacks
Utah snow coverage this year vs last year.

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