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image: updated their USA Winter Weather Forecast for 2013/14 on October 9th, 2013.  Their saying big snow this winter for the Rockies & Cascades.  We’ll let them give you the details:


Northwest, Rockies: Abundant Snow, Wild Temperature Contrasts

The highlight of the Northwest this year is frequent precipitation, in the form of rain and snow.

“A lot of it will be due to the change in water temperatures that is taking place over the northeastern Pacific; they’re much warmer,” Pastelok said.

This allows for an active jet stream farther south that will bring moisture in multiple-week periods throughout the winter season.

The area will also endure significant temperature contrasts. Coastal areas will average slightly above normal, while parts of Montana and Wyoming fall well below normal.

“February can be a wild month, temperature-wise. There is a chance for a strong, arctic surge of cold air, especially for the northern Rockies,” Pastelok said.

Additionally, the Southwest could warm up and milder weather will spread north to western Oregon and Washington. –


West: Reservoirs to Catch Up, Drought Relief on Horizon

From December through January, California will enter a period of heavy precipitation resulting in much-needed relief from the extreme drought.

For more than two years, parts of the state have endured moderate to extreme drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

“I think this can definitely alleviate some drought issues. I think we’re going to fill those reservoirs up a little bit,” Pastelok said.

The season also brings hope to resorts across the state which have not received normal snowfall amounts in the past two seasons. –

For the full USA Winter Weather Forecast for 2013/14 and a video re-cap please visit:

US Winter Forecast: Snow to Bury Rockies; Slow Onset in East

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