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Last week we posted NOAA’s winter weather forecast for 2013/14.  NOAA is basically forecasting a near average winter for precipitation in the USA for 2013/14.  They did forecast some temperature variation from average but overall their graphs weren’t easy to read nor very remarkable. has put together their own brand of 2014 winter weather forecast for the USA and it’s definitely a heck of a lot easier to read.  NOAA only gave us graphs where is giving us graphs, words, and videos. temperature forecast for winter 2014 temperature forecast for winter 2014

Their forecast is certainly focused on the East Coast, but there are some good take home points:

1.  Weak La Niña this year

2.  Above average snowfall for the Northeast

3.  Near average snowfall for the West

4.  Colder than average temps in Northeast and Pacific Northwest

“So what do i think will happen this winter with all of this in mind? Well It will be colder than average in the Eastern half of the United States, With the exception of January where I believe we will see a mild January thaw in the east, However no where near the state that we had the 2005-2006 winter. Winter Will get off to an early start in the east, picking up where it left off this past winter late in the year. Fizzle away as we head into January and then come back on near the Mid-Point in February, where I think the brunt of the winter will be. The winter battle zone will be a tricky one though.

I do believe it will be a wetter than average year in the east, and perhaps even in the pacific northwest. Only may you will be provided with today is the projected temperature maps and snowfall departure from normal maps.”

So, if you’re in the Northeast, you’re stoked.  If you’re out West average is good.  It’s a helluva better than below average.  We’ll take average after the past 2 seasons…

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14 thoughts on “USA Winter Weather Forecast for 2014 from

  1. Probably another warm, “snow-less”, not “snowless”, winter for the Mid Atlantic and Northeast. They said above average snowfall last year for us, and we didn’t get anything near above average.

  2. Just looked up Bellow and one of the definitions is a strong blast of air … So possibly it was intentional

  3. One would think that on a national website, the person would be able to spell “below” – they lost me there – if they aren’t smart enough to use spellcheck, I don’t trust their knowledge of anything else – just sayin…..

  4. Last Winter season (2012-2013), we missed having a white Christmas day by only 12 hours. Hopefully this coming Winter (2013-2014) will improve on that and bring the fluffy white stuff earlier to our region (Toronto, Southern Ontario).

    Once the great snow arrives, by all means please share some of your great hills in your area on so that others can find some great places to go sledding too.

  5. My take away: Above average on the East is still below average on the west. Colder than normal in pNW should make snow better and lighter. If you live in the battle zone you travel to ski so head to the PNW.

  6. After the last two seasons , I will take average any day. I will be going up either way…so bring on the dumps!

  7. He does give a nod to the PNW getting more snow than average. Since we already average a lot, that’s a lot.

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