Utah Attempts To Lower Legal Limit To .05 BAC | No More Apres Ski & Drive

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Utah’s Legislature sent Governor Gary Herbert a bill that would make Utah’s legal limit .05 percent blood-alcohol content Wednesday. This would move the states limit from .08 to .05, which would be the lowest in the nation. The bill hasn’t been signed yet, but it has been reported that the Governor is in favor of it. If so, he has to sign within 20 days of it being introduced. This bill is expected to have a negative affect on local restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol.

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The average person is expected to reach a .05 BAC after just 2 beers. This would jeopardize apres ski and driving, unless the individual waits a substantial amount of time after consuming those two alcoholic beverages. Obviously, there are other ways to get home than driving yourself, but it can be difficult to catch a cab on the mountain. To safely apres ski in Utah, make sure to have a sober ride before you head up the mountain.

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