Utah Avalanche Conditions Report Video: Red Flags Abound

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skip to the 30-second mark to get to the Utah snowpack analysis

The Utah Avalanche Center just released this video yesterday.  If you are planning on backcountry travel in Utah this week, you need to watch this.

Utah experienced 7 skier triggered avalanches over the weekend.  The snowpack in Utah is experiencing persistent weak layers at the moment that are raising concerns for backcountry skiers.

red flags abound in Utahs current snowpack.
red flags abound in Utah’s current snowpack.

Clearly, if there were 7 skier triggered avalanches in Utah in 2 days this past weekend, it’s a time to be conservative in the backcountry.

Please watch this video and learn what is going on in Utah’s snowpack right now.


7 Skier Triggered Avalanche in Utah Over Weekend!

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