Utah Avy Center: Wednesday’s Avalanche Death Victim Worked for Utah Avy Center 2014-17

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Trace Carillo.

The Utah Avalanche Center is currently mourning the death of Trace Carrillo – the avalanche victim from Teton Pass, WY on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020.

” Trace was a member of the UAC family having worked with us from 2014-2017 in a variety of roles. ” – Utah Avalanche Center, 4/5/20

Utah Avalanche Center’s director Mark Staples recently told SnowBrains that Trace’s role at the Utah Avy Center was an intern role.

At his time of death on Wednesday, Trace was working as a wilderness ranger for the US Forest Service in Wyoming.

Trace Carillo.

Trace did not have a transmitting avalanche beacon when he was buried in the avalanche on Wednesday.

There was another avalanche fatality, Rob Kincaid, very near Trace’s avalanche in the Tetons only 2-days after Trace’s death and Rob didn’t have a transmitting avalanche beacon at the time of his death either (Rob’s was turned off).

Both of these avalanche victims may have survived had they had transmitting avalanche beacons.

We are very curious what the full avalanche report will say about Trace’s avalanche beacon situation.

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