Despite 65% Less Traffic Easter Weekend Was Deadliest on Utah Roads Since 2013

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Credit: UHP

This Easter weekend was one of the deadliest on Utah roads, even with only about 65% of the normal amount of traffic because of the coronavirus.

Six people were killed in wrecks over the holiday weekend, the highest death toll since five were killed in 2013.

Police investigated multiple high-speed crashes and fatalities during this pandemic. And while troopers are giving out fewer speeding tickets this March compared to last, 6,322 last month, compared to 6,890 in March 2019, people who are speeding are driving much faster than normal. Once upon a time, it was rare to ticket someone for going over 100-mph, but one trooper reported how he ticketed five people in one weekend for going that fast.

One explanation could be because the roads are quieter, those that are driving are taking more risks due to less traffic.

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