Despite Lack of Snowfall, Utah has their Sixth-Best Season

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Still allowing Utah's Sixth-best season
Guns blowing to keep Utah’s slopes fresh and open.

Despite the limited amount of snowfall, this season, Utah ski areas announced it was their sixth-best season in terms of visitors. Visitors for the season added up to 4,145,321. Down almost 10% from last seasons record-breaking year.

Unfortunately this year, the annual snowfall was down in most regions across the United States, with Utah only receiving only 60% of the average snow they’re used to. This year provided scarce amounts of snow, giving Utah the second-to-smallest snow totals since systematic measurements began in 1944. Snow wasn’t the only thing holding back this season for Utah; Wasatch valley temperatures were typically a few degrees warmer than average during the ski season.

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A hard-packed base is essential for a strong season, sixth-best

Despite the factors fighting against them, Utah still came out of the season at a strong 1.322 billion in total ski and snowboard-related spending, allowing them their sixth-best season. With Alterra Mountain company acquiring Deer Valley, and most recently Solitude Mountain Resort, there is more coordination and effort being made to ensure the best snow and ski season possible. Utah’s resorts really had to step up its game by investing in snowmaking methods and making sure to keep the runs open with a decent amount of snow.

Regulars to the Utah slopes are restless and impatient and are hoping to see significant amounts of snow for the 2018-19 season. 

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