Utah Ski Resorts Oppose Bill to Make Mountain Daylight Saving Time Constant

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Park City, Utah,
Park City, Utah; image: jensenandcompany.com

Utah ski resorts oppose a bill that would make Mountain Daylight Time constant in the state. The legislation, sponsored by state Sen. Dan McCay, R-Riverton, would eliminate turning clocks back an hour in the fall, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

Mike Maughan, general manager at Alta Ski Area, spoke on behalf of all Utah’s ski resorts at the meeting.

“We do not think it’s in the best interest of our winter recreation industry to make that change. We are concerned about the impacts that moving into permanent daylight saving time would have on this industry in particular. If this changed, now it pushes the ability for us to do (avalanche) control work back an hour which in effect pushes the ski day back an hour which means our employees come later and they work longer.”

– Mike Maughan

Maughan’s further concerns were that it would compound current traffic issues up the Cottonwood Canyons and that he worries about school children waiting for school buses in the dark.

Considering all the feedback, including public comment, committee chair State Sen. Ronald M. Winterton said there was not enough support to move on the bill.

Traditionally, daylight saving time intends to add an hour of daylight in the evening during some of the longest days of the year, and it is set to start in Utah this year on March 13 at 2 am when clocks “spring forward.” This continues through November 6, when clocks “fall back” to standard time.

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3 thoughts on “Utah Ski Resorts Oppose Bill to Make Mountain Daylight Saving Time Constant

  1. So if I am understanding this right, it would be pitch dark and remain day for the whole day of skiing starting in 2032?

  2. Pasted from above: “…eliminate turning clocks back an hour in the fall but would maintain setting the time forward in the spring…”

    In 24 years Utah will be right back where they started.

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