Vail Gets Approval for Long Awaited Expansion

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Vail Ski Area, CO just got approval for a long-awaited expansion. The Golden Peak Improvement Project will authorize the construction of a surface lift and approximately 42 acres of new trails.

The new trails will be developed primarily as a training ground for women’s downhill and men’s super-G courses. After a long-winded environmental review, a proposal and impact statement by the White River National Forest.

Proposed Terrain and Infrastructure Image: Unofficial Networks

Vail Daily reported:

“The 42-acre expansion would add about 760 vertical feet of skiable terrain to Golden Peak, according to the plan, and the lift would be roughly 1,870 feet in length and able to transport about 1,200 people per hour.”

According to forest supervisor Scott Fitzgerald, the expansion was approved because the project supports

“The growing demand at Vail Mountain Resort’s Golden Peak for developed competition terrain and to improve the guest experience and training venue across the ski area by providing separation between user groups.”

Vail Ski Racing Image: Chris Dillmann – Vail Daily

The golden Peak Project has been a key component in Vail’s expansion and possible completion. According to Pete Seibert Jr., son of Vail Mountain founder Pete Seibert,

“It was always the intention to get there … I was on the Ski Club Vail board for 16 years, and we were always two years away from getting that done.”

Construction should begin in Summer 2019. The new area will be comprehensively designed to feature new terrain, amenities and utilities.

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  1. Then they can increase their ticket price!! You should boycott Vail, it’s just stupid what they charge!! Go to a Mom and Pop ski area, what is the difference your still just sliding down a mt. side!! Like Sunrise ski area, which is a awesome small area.

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