Man in Vail, CO Liftline Arrested for Claiming “I Have a Gun” When Asked to Pull Facemask Up

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Vail, CO chairlift.

When asked by an employee to pull up his facemask, a man in a liftline at Vail Resort told the employee ‘I have a gun’, prompting a 911 call, an arrest, and an extra long lift line.

William Laufenburg, 26, an employee at Beaver Creek, was in the Chair 6 liftline at Vail’s Golden Peak when he made the remark, which he later claimed was just a joke. Upon arrest, no firearm was found on his person.

“We got a 911 call reporting that a man had just threatened that he had a gun over an argument over mask wearing. It didn’t quite happen that way. As he walked by the guy who asked him to pull up his mask, he had just said, ‘I have a gun,’ and he kept walking. He didn’t threaten anybody. Nothing happened.”

– Vail Police Commander Ryan Kenney told

Police caught up with Laufenberg in the liftline where they handcuffed him and removed him from the area. He was given a summons for disorderly conduct for what he said and the resulting disturbance. The “obviously offensive utterance, stating he had a gun, within earshot of multiple Vail Resorts guests and employees, in a public place … would tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace, i.e. possibly causing the public to panic” read the police report.

Other liftys in the liftline and a security officer were not threatened by the man and neither believed him to be carrying a gun.

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6 thoughts on “Man in Vail, CO Liftline Arrested for Claiming “I Have a Gun” When Asked to Pull Facemask Up

  1. What, pray tell, would be a reason for carrying a firearm in a ski resort? Seriously, you gun assholes will argue to the death to prove your own stupidity.

  2. Toby McGnar what is so irrational about legally carrying a firearm in public places ? If the law allows for the legal concealed carry of a firearm who are you to tell me what I can’t and can not do ? The people who have gone though the process of getting a concealed carry permit are reasonable and rational citizens who take the responsibility of carrying a concealed firearm very seriously, and we are not “Colorado cowboys “who need to threaten other people to assert their dominance. Saying I have a gun is an incredibly stupid thing to say .

    1. Cait B not everyone who carries a concealed firearm is a “gun asshole” and I don’t carry it at a ski resort when I’m skiing. Are sheriff deputies who patrol ski resorts assholes ? Most off duty law enforcement officers carry a firearm,are they assholes ? There is a very good chance that the person who is standing next to you at the grocery store is carrying a concealed firearm. And yes I am smarter than you.

    1. …..and maybe make the irrational carrying of firearms in many public places illegal. Not because I hate Amendments, but because…..why? If it weren’t so reasonable that a Colorado “cowboy” had a gun, there would be no misunderstanding that it was a joke.

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