Vail Mountain, CO, Shows Strong Results in Survey Conducted by Winter Guests

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Vail back bowls
Vail’s Back Bowls. Photo Credit: Jack Affleck

The 2021-22 ski season at Vail shows that the resort is highly regarded as an exceptional destination. The survey was conducted by Boulder-based RRC Associates and included over 1,000 guests. The surveys were conducted post-visit to gauge the guest experience.

73% of the guests gave Vail a 9 or a 10 (out of 10) on a “net promoter score.” These guests are considered promoters of a destination. A 72% or greater score puts you in the top 25% compared to your peers. RRC Associates considered this “quite strong” in terms of guest satisfaction.


The positives

In addition to the net promoter score, 65% said they see Vail as a “green” resort. This means they feel it is increasingly environmentally friendly.

The town’s transit system is serving the community well with 55% of responders saying they used it for transportation.

Areas to improve

Parking at the resort needs some attention as it was rated 3.8 on a five-point scale. Additionally, it appears many guests felt the inflationary pressures as the cost of their visit was a bigger concern than normal.

The level of guest service and business staffing did not improve over the prior year.

It may be getting less family-friendly, as guests who brought children younger than 17 years old declined.

Interesting tidbits

  • Colorado residents only represented 16% of total visits, down from 22% the previous year
  • Out-of-state visits from California, New York, and New Jersey all increased
  • There was an increase in visits from Mexico, Canada, and Argentina as international travel opened up

Overall, the results were vastly positive and show that Vail is more than keeping up with its competitive landscape.

Vail Ski Resort, CO. Image: Vail Facebook Page

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