Guaranteed Parking Pass at Vail, CO, Costs $5,500 | Up 65% on Last Year

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The town hopes the new charges will reduce roadside parking and increase safety in the village. Credit: UncoverColorado

At a meeting on Tuesday, Vail Town Council outlined its parking rates and passes for the upcoming winter season. The town will be introducing peak days and charging more on these days, as well as rate increases across the board, including the Premier Pass, which will increase from $3,330 to $5,500—a 65% increase.

“Parking is not easy. It’s always a balancing act and there are no winners and losers; it’s really a compromise all the way through.”

– Greg Hall, director of public works and transportation

Recent winters have seen a steady increase in days where parking in the village has filled up, necessitating the usage of overflow parking on the frontage roads and outlying lots. On peak days, the town has outlined 51 next season (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays), parking charges will increase to $10 an hour for the first four hours. The costs for non-peak days will remain the same as last winter.

vail, colorado, parking charges,
New hourly parking charges for 2022/23, including new peak times. Screenshot from council meeting document.

The town hopes the increased rates, additional methods of transport, and new parking locations will help to fill the outlying lots first, reducing the burden on the frontage roads. This should improve safety and assist the town in meeting its climate goals (by encouraging carpooling, public transport usage, etc.)

vail, colorado, parking charges,
Parking season pass prices. 2021/22 v 2022/23. Screenshot from council meeting document.

The biggest shake-up is the seasonal parking passes, all of which will see a significant price hike. The King of the passes, the Premium Pass (last season, this was the Gold Pass) will cost $5,500. For that, the holder is “guaranteed parking in the two structures. No eligibility requirements. EV chargers available for pass holders at Red Sandstone.” There is also the Business Premier (previously Silver Pass, $2,000) for $2,200 (guaranteed parking for business owners), Employee Plus Pass (previously Blue Pass, $1,250) for $1,850, Employee Pass (previously Pink Pass, $350) for $425, and then a local residents pass will cost $50, up from $25 last season.

The new rates will come into effect on opening day, scheduled for November 11th, 2022.

Encouraging more people to use the town busses will help decrease emissions. Credit: Lucas Vidart on Unsplash

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  1. I will stop complaining about the cost of Oregon’s $25 / year snow park permit ….

  2. They have made it so that only the well advantaged get to ski. Travesty what has happened to my favorite sport.

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