Vail and Beaver Creek, CO Walk-Up Window Ticket Price Breaks $200 Barrier

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vail, vail resorts, ticket price
Over 200 bucks to stand in line with the rest of the holiday crowd… Credit: mtnweekly

Colorado resorts Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek just broke a record this season, but it’s not one to be proud of. They are both charging $209 per day for a walk-up window ticket, according to their website, the first time a lift ticket price has broken the $200 barrier.

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Elsewhere in Colorado, Aspen Skiing Co. is charging $179 for a walk-up window price, $169 at Winter Park, and $177 at Copper Mountain. Other Vail Resorts’, such as Heavenly Mountain Resort, CA is $164 at the ticket window; Kirkwood Mountain Resort, CA $124 at the window; and Northstar California $170 at the window.


vail, vail resorts, ticket price

Conditions are going off at Vail early season, but is it worth over 200 bucks? Credit: FacebookWhen the Vail Daily reached out for comment on the pricing this season, Vail Resorts released a statement that began:

“We reward guests for their loyalty and for committing to a winter vacation with us well in advance through programs like our season passes, advance lift ticket purchase, and lodging specials. Much like buying an airline ticket, most guests purchase EpicDay Lift Tickets in advance, which provides them with the best available rate.”

Deer Valley, UT is topping Aspen this week with a ticket price of $180. Squaw Valley is at $179. Both of those resorts are owned and operated by Alterra Mountain Co., which is a sister company to Aspen. Breckenridge, which is part of the Vail Resorts empire, is charging $189 per day at the window.

These numbers seem huge – and make a great headline – but here’s the thing: Most skiers and snowboarders do not have to, and should not, pay anywhere near that. There are many way cheaper options, such as season passes, or multi-resort passes, which often pay for themselves after a handful of uses. Or sites such as Liftopia offer cheaper lift tickets for those just able to plan ahead a little.

If you’re walking up to the window and paying full price, you’re doing it wrong.

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8 thoughts on “Vail and Beaver Creek, CO Walk-Up Window Ticket Price Breaks $200 Barrier

  1. ooooo-weeee! And I can pay a fraction of that cost, at $171, if I buy in advance. My loyalty surely does feel appreciated. I’m sure everyone else also enjoys your ‘best available rate’. Price gouging…. *

  2. Skiing is quickly becoming an elitist sport where the every day family cannot participate. We say we want kids to get outdoors and play, we want families to enjoy sports together… Yet lift ticket prices are prohibitive. We are watching the culling of the sport until one day, resorts will be only the playground of the very rich. How absolutely disheartening. This isn’t about a healthy America. This is about keeping people separated…even when playing outside. These resort owners deserve the big raspberry for limiting the people in their communities. I’m a rabid skiier… but I would never care to run my stix on a place like this. It’s just wrong.

  3. Wonderful, buy every damn ski resort and now this shit.
    “If your walking up to the window and paying full….”
    If you sk/support these places, you’re doing it wrong!

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