Vail Resorts to Implement Paid Parking at Park City Mountain Resort, UT, Next Season

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Less than a week after introducing paid parking at Stowe Resort, VT, Vail Resorts yesterday announced they will be doing the same at Park City Mountain Resort, UT.

The new scheme will come into effect for the winter 22/23 season and will apply to all surface lots on the Park City side of the resort and will require a reservation. This includes the Main, First Time, and Silver King lots.

The company has not yet announced pricing but has said there will be incentives for carpooling. An internal memo confirms that paid parking will be in effect seven days a week during the ski season up until 1:00 pm. After 1:00 pm each day, all parking will be free, and no reservation will be required. The Resort Center underground garage will remain paid parking.

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Internal memo.

According to Vail Resorts, the benefits of paid parking and parking reservations are:

  • Increase average vehicle occupancy
  • Encourage carpooling/transit alternatives
  • Reduce guests circulating for available spaces, creating traffic congestion in and around the base area
  • More effectively and efficiently manage incoming traffic and load-in of the base area, making for an improved arrival experience
  • Disperse guest arrival times over a longer period, improving parking and lift upload experience for guests
  • Provide guests assurances of available parking

Parking at Canyons Village, Park City High School (on weekends and holidays), and High Valley Transit Park-n-Ride locations will remain free. The company said that more details will be revealed in the coming months.

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Park City base area.

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2 thoughts on “Vail Resorts to Implement Paid Parking at Park City Mountain Resort, UT, Next Season

  1. My season pass is now either going to cost me $500/month to park? That or now I have to drive 15 minutes away, so that I can take a bus back 15 minutes to PCMR? This is supposed to help traffic and congestion? They should have first had a plan with more park and ride options at the VERY least.

    They could have offered something discounted for locals. Those that live near PCMR have to drive to Kimball Junction and park? Seems like a money-making thing and not to help traffic. Really disappointing. $25? $10 may have been a reasonable, though still disappointing, start.

    Okay, we can drive further now and park at The Canyons, but maybe we don’t want to ski The Canyons or spend an hour skiing over to the other side. Wait and see how crowded The Canyons lot gets this winter. Gosh, okay DV.

  2. Your going to wreck the parking with the bullshit development! On top of that now you have to pay! You guys really do suck!!

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