Vail Resorts Announces THIRD Set of Layoffs this Year

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Vail Resorts.

In an effort to ‘centralize corporate functions’, Vail Resorts has announced a number of layoffs, the third round of cost-cutting layoffs this year, reports Vail Daily

In a move that will affect the mountain communities in which the company operates, finance teams at resorts across the country have been given notice that they will be laid off in the spring. Earlier this year, the same move was made with marketing teams and human resources teams, as Vail Resorts attempts to relocate all its corporate staff to one location, the offices in Broomfield, CO.

“The organizational changes announced within the Vail Resorts finance function are part of our company’s concerted effort to centralize corporate functions in order to best support our growing business now composed of 37 resorts around the globe,” Vail Resorts officials wrote in a statement.

vail resorts, layoffs,
Vail Resorts Broomfield, CO HQ. Credit:

The company has stated that the affected employees are able to reapply for a new job in the Broomfield HQ.

“We understand that change can be hard for those involved, and we are committed to supporting our employees through this transition,” the statement read. “Impacted employees are eligible to apply for open finance positions located in our corporate offices or other opportunities within our resort operations.”

Affected employees have been offered a severance package. Vail Resorts stated that the company has added more than 50 finance roles at the Broomfield location.

Vail Resorts announced last week that holiday lift-ticket prices at their higher-end resorts will be a record-breaking $219 this year, and during their earnings call, also last week announced that dollar sales of all ticket products were up 17%.

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11 thoughts on “Vail Resorts Announces THIRD Set of Layoffs this Year

  1. And they charged my credit card on Sept. 13, 2019 in the amount of $360.00 for my Wilmot Mtn., WI season pass. Three months and two days before I was first able to ski the hill. (Dec. 15th.) They work with your money! I could have invested this amount myself and earn a few bucks! Shame on Vail!
    I hope they don’t last long!

    1. You can wait to buy your SP in Dec but I bet it will cost you more. It’s your choice. Your not making a SP reservation your purchasing it. Every resort has been doing this for decades, not just Vail Resorts.

  2. Was there not an article about Vails record profits just recently? Vail really is the corporatist Walmart of the ski industry.
    They should be ashamed of their behavior

    1. Normal corporate behavior when buying similar businesses. They don’t need multiple offices doing the same thing when they can use one crew to take care of them all. Slowly becoming a monopoly. I hope it bites them in the rear end.

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