Vail, CO, to Increase Sales Tax to Combat “Big Problem” of Housing

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Vail sales tax about to increase. Image courtesy iStock.

It’s no secret that affordable housing is an issue at ski resorts across the country, with resorts and towns struggling to hire enough staff in time for the upcoming winter. To combat this, Vail, CO, is proposing a sales tax increase to support housing initiatives, Vail Daily reports.

The 0.5% sales tax increase, the first since 1974, would add $1 to every $200 purchase (groceries would be exempt). It’s estimated that the tax increase would generate over $4-million in its first year.

A stable fund for housing has been on the agenda for years in Vail has never passed the vote. Official votes this time around won’t be certified for another couple of weeks, but officials are confident that it will be passed this time around.

A survey conducted in the summer found that 82% of voters aged 18 to 44 consider housing to be a “big problem.” Of voters older than 65, 48% agreed that housing is a big problem.

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2 thoughts on “Vail, CO, to Increase Sales Tax to Combat “Big Problem” of Housing

  1. More buildable land and new ski resorts not owned by publicly traded companies would also help loosen up some inventory and allow for skiing to become more affordable again.

    Too bad the enviro’s in America spend all their money protecting rare frogs and fish in America while completely ignoring massive problems like CO2 emissions from China and India.

    The Vail Village mega condo complex they pioneered in an aberration to the skiing experience.

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