Venture Snowboards Has Suddenly Failed

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The Venture snowboards crew.
The Venture snowboards crew.

Venture Snowboards sent an email to media and released a statement on its website announcing to the world that they would not be delivering any product for 2015/16 season.  Venture focuses on the small split board and powder board market.

Venture Snowboards is based in Silverton, CO and has been around 16 years and they are hoping this isn’t the end.

Venture reportedly stopped production and cut several employees weeks ago.


So, why is Venture struggling right now?  Industry insiders are guessing that Venture likely was too aggressive and made too many boards the past couple seasons.  Too many boards made means that they were unable to sell all their boards and the board were made using borrowed money and now that money can’t be paid back.  If you can’t pay your creditors, you’re in trouble.

This is just a guess as to what has happened to Venture, but it’s a pretty damn good, educated guess according to our business people.

Venture makes very high quality boards and split boards and we sincerely hope they can recover.


Venture Snowboards Press Release:

Venture Supporters,

Venture Snowboards has encountered some challenging terrain in recent months. Circumstances beyond our control have forced us to make a tough decision. We will not be delivering any boards to market for the 2015-16 winter season.

To our friends, colleagues, collaborators and all you Venture riders and supporters, we are deeply sorry. We sincerely apologize for any impacts this may have on you or your business.

To our staff who stuck by us through thick and thin—you are the heart of Venture. So many people had the best days of their lives on boards we built by hand. That is something to be proud of, something no one can take away.

Trust us when we say we did everything possible to make it work. Venture has been a labor of love for us for more than 16 years. We did it for you, for ourselves, and for snowboarding.

We can’t project what will happen beyond 2015-16. In the meantime, we hope you’ll support the other craft manufacturers out there who love snowboarding as much as we do.

This isn’t goodbye. See you soon.

Klem and Lisa Branner
Venture Snowboards

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  1. It’s also good to note that the Snowboard industry is down overall and has suffered a few black eyes with the letter that was sent to Burton last week as well.

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