Verdant Fire UPDATE: Banff Sunshine Village Ski Resort Closed Indefinitely

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Here’s a look at one of the BC Wild Fires, seen from an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Calgary. (Photo: Jeff Harrison)
  • Over 150 fires are currently burning in B.C. right now
  • 6,000 of residents are under evacuation oreders in B.C.
  • The Verdant Creek Fire closed the Banff Sunshine Village ski resort yesterday for at lease the 2nd time this summer.
  • Banff Sunshine Village ski resort is currently closed indefinitely

Verdant Creek Fire Update, Sunshine Village Area:

by Banff Sunshine Village

August 1st, 2017

Banff Sunshine Village remains closed today, Aug 1st, as Parks Canada and BC Parks work to contain the Verdant Creek Fire.

The Verdant Creek Fire remains active on the west side of the Continental Divide in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. It has not crossed into Alberta or the Sunshine Village area.

At this point, we do not know when we will reopen. We are under a superintendents closure, we are in contact with Parks Canada and will let you know more about our summer operations once we know more.

We’re hopeful that Mother Nature cooperates, and provides some much-needed rain to our area. At present, the Weather Network is predicting rain for later today. We hope that the forecast comes to fruition. If you know a rain dance, please dance away and share it with our social media!!

We will continue to provide news as it becomes available. Stay tuned to our social media.


Look at all the smoke in B.C.! 150 fires burning in B.C. right now. photo by NASA yesterday.

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