VIDEO: 1,000+ Backcountry Skiers/Rider Flock to Loveland Pass, CO on Saturday

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Over 1,000+ backcountry skiers/rider/recreationalist flocked to Loveland Pass, Colorado yesterday.

This behavior does not qualify as social distancing.

Clusters of humans in the mountains yesterday all over Colorado’s high country lead to San Juan County banning backcountry skiing & riding today:

Please follow your local and federal government’s latest mandates on social distancing to help curb Coronavirus.

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: 1,000+ Backcountry Skiers/Rider Flock to Loveland Pass, CO on Saturday

  1. Real backcountry skiers are concious of/ concerned with the safety of their group/others around them. This new generation of Instagram/ego driven wanna be backcountry travelers needs is a new objective danger to the rest of us . Listen to your mentor not an advertisement telling you to go slay the gnar.
    The mountains will be there. With proper decisions you and your loved ones and those around you will be too.

  2. Noneubusiness you must be a resort skier.
    I am not, I have stopped skiing weeks ago for social protocals. If you are a resort rider still out “getting your fix” you are a petulant child and a self entitled twat…so you ,go fuck yourself …at home

  3. Here’s an idea, if your not normally a backcountry skier or skitourer your ski season is over! For those of us that only skitour the backcountry now basically every trailhead is clogged with noobs who have absolutely no clue.

  4. “This behavior does not qualify as social distancing.”

    I don’t know, seems like you are a lot more socially distant than you would be at a supermarket, restaurant, beach, sidewalk or park. This virus spreads within 6 feet, not 6 miles.

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