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Miles Clark |

Not a lot to say about this one.  This trick was huge, it was dangerous, it was flippy, it was the first triple backflip ever landed on a motorbike.  It’s not really something us normal people can understand.  3 backflips on a motorbike flying about 100-feet straight up in the air?

The precision necessary to pull this off is astounding.  He had to go straight up, the ramp had to be perfect – then he had to come straight down landing on a transition that had to be gnat’s ass on.  He went where he needed to go and nailed the thing as if nothing happened.

A tip of the hat to Josh Sheehan, the badass who pulled this off.

We’re gonna have to watch this a few more times…

“FROSTBURG, Md. (AP) — Josh Sheehan has become the first person to land a triple backflip on a motocross bike.

Sheehan completed the feat Tuesday at Pastranaland, the action sports park owned by Travis Pastrana in Maryland.

The 29-year-old Australian reached a speed of 60 mph and hit a 37-foot takeoff ramp built at an 81-degree angle. He reached a height of 80 feet while whipping his 200-pound motorcycle around three full revolutions.

Sheehan practiced the jump by landing into an air bag before completing it at Pastrana’s complex.

Pastrana was the first rider to complete a double backflip at the 2006 X Games in Los Angeles.” – AP

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