[VIDEO] 2,000-Vertical-Foot, 2-Minute-Long Gorgeous Patagonian Chute

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

Report from September 1, 2022

Today’s 2,000-vertical-foot, 2-minute-long Patagonian Chute was a beauty!

It felt like it went on forever…

We skied it as fast as we could and it was a blast!

The last time I skied this line I crashed into that huge rock wall in the beginning on the right putting a 3″ laceration in my knee and partially tearing my MCL …

Needless to say, it went better this time.

This chute is a crown jewel prize for us.

It’s fickle and almost never in.

It needs a large snowpack, just the right temps, and perfect timing (& it’s usually full of frozen roller balls and avy debris).

We were lucky today and got in great shape.

We still skied every snow condition including ice, chalk, perfect corn, mank, and firm/soft avalanche debris.

We are forever grateful to these mountains.

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