[VIDEO] 2023 Cushing Crossing Pond Skim at Palisades Tahoe, CA, Highlight Reel

SnowBrains |

The historic 22-23 winter season in Olympic Valley, CA, culminated with the annual Cushing Crossing Pond Skim at the end of May.

The community was out in full force, the costumes were electric, and the sends on one of the biggest pond drops were legendary. The stars were out, from Scott Gaffney to Jonny Moseley to Debbie Dutton, and we were glad to capture the action firsthand with our very own Daniel O’Connor on the call and Producer Reese capturing the action.

We may have almost gotten kicked out at the beginning (it wouldn’t be the first time), and Dan may have been a bit rattled because of it (hence the overuse of comfort phrases like ‘oh my goodness), but we hope you enjoy our filming and commentary nonetheless.

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