Does Your Mom Ski Like This? | 41-Year-Old “Super Mom” Wendy Fisher Rips!

SnowBrains |

Before Ingrid Backstrom, there was Wendy Fisher.  She dominated the female big mountain scene from 1996 until 2004 when she suddenly disappeared.  She started a family, had two kids, raised ’em right, and now she’s ready to rip for the camera again.  At 41-years-old, Wendy can still lay down big lines, huck her meat, and charge full speed.  Very impressive Mrs. Fisher.

It had been years since I had been in Whistler; which was always one of my favorite places to visit 10 plus years ago when skiing was my only focus. This particular visit was where I was to step it up to show that I “still have it.” Mentally and physically I felt great, but it is a whole different story for me when I step out into the elements for a camera. I hate more than anything to mess up a shot. Too much time, money and energy goes into these shoots and it irks me when it is my fault when it doesn’t work out. – Wendy Fisher told

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