VIDEO: 45-Year-Old Kelly Slater Talks Family, Alcoholism, Drugs, Hurt, Love, Life Direction, & Success

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“…there was a lot of insecurity and hurt and things I was covering up with success.” – Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater = 

  • Youngest Surfer to ever win a World Title
  • Oldest Surfer to ever win a World Title
  • 11 World Titles
  • More Titles than any other athlete in any major sport
  • More than Tiger Woods
  • More than Wayne Gretzky
  • More than Muhammad Ali

“Get a rare glimpse into the psyche of surfing’s most enduring competitor and innovator.

“Sharing what drove him at a young age and what still drives him today, Kelly Slater opens up about his family, relationships and how he stays focused on winning.” – Volcom

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