VIDEO: 50 Most Beautiful Lakes in California

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As a means to keep occupied during quarantine, YouTuber Yongsung Kim challenged himself to rank the 50 most beautiful lakes in California. And his list is worthy. Which of these beautiful bodies of water is your favorite?

Kim said, 

“Have you googled the “most beautiful lakes in California”? The results suck. Google needs lots of references to rank something high.

But the most beautiful lakes in the mountains don’t have many visitors.

As the second part of my hiking reminiscence while staying at home, I challenged myself to rank 50ish most beautiful lakes in California. Here is my humble opinion.

I hope this helps you find your next adventure when the COVID19 situation is over. Until then, please stay at home.

Here is the full list of lakes in the video with the links to the original videos. You can find the trail maps, difficulties and scenery factors in the descriptions of the linked videos.” 

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