VIDEO: 600-Inches of Snow in 10 Weeks in Japan

Miles Clark |

Last winter, I was lucky enough to escape the historic California drought and spend 10 weeks in JapanThis was my 4th consecutive season in Japan and it was a record winter.  At times (like the beginning of this video), it was impossibly deep.  The consistency of the nightly refresh almost became comic.

We got over 600-inches of snow in town in the 10 weeks I was in Japan last winter and it seemed to never end.  I can’t even image how much snow the tops of the ski resorts got in that 10 weeks.  900 inches?  1,000?

If you haven’t been to Japan yet, it’s time to go.  In my time there, I’ve seen the place explode with skiers and riders from all over the globe.  Japan is no longer any sort of secret.  It’s likely a good idea to go get some Japow before the place gets even busier.

Don’t forget:  Japan is the Snowiest Place in the World

Learn more about skiing and riding Japan here:

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