VIDEO: Above The Arctic Circle | Skiing The Midnight Sun

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Spending the summer at home in Sweden, Kristofer Turdell and friends set out on a mission to explore their own backyard in search of runs that could rival the most iconic freeriding mountains in the world. With a combination of skill and pure luck, they manage to find pristine snow conditions and spectacular runs above the arctic circle in the most northern part of Scandinavia.

Being this far north and half-way into the summer means a sun that never sets, treating the group to incredible powder runs that lasts long into the night.

Not being spoiled with an easy access to terrain and the pressure from an ending season, they embrace all available methods to squeeze out as much skiing as they can. Using a combination of touring, heli lifts and tenting on the mountain enables them to explore a vast range of terrain unknown to most skiers.

Featuring: Kristofer Turdell, Reine Barkered and Jackie Paaso

Location: Riksgränsen

Date: Mid-May

Produced by: Whiteout Pictures

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