VIDEO: All-Time Skiing at Mammoth & Yosemite, CA in June 2019

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June at Mammoth Mountain & Tioga Pass, California was spectacular.

We lived in Mammoth for the month of June and it did not disappoint.

We skied 14 days at Mammoth Mountain with Chair 23 bumps firing, a crazy fun & deep Chair 23 wiggle, and a park set up that incredible for June.

We skied 13 backcountry days off Tioga Pass as well as two days down near Bishop.

In June we skied:

  1. Zebra Couloir, Mt. Emerson
  2. North Couloir, Mt. Emerson
  3. Unknown Couloir, Mt. Dana
  4. Dana Couloir, Mt. Dana
  5. Solstice Couloir, Mt. Dana
  6. “Choke It” Chute, Mt. Dana
  7. “The Flume” Chute, Mt. Dana
  8. Chute Out Alternate x3, Ellery Bowl
  9. Banana Chute, Ellery Bowl
  10. Powerhouse Chutes x5, Dana Plateau 
  11. Third Pillar Chute, Dana Plateau
  12. Ripper Chute, Dana Plateau
  13. North Couloir, North Peak


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