VIDEO: Alpine Meadows, CA Has Rowdy Inbounds Terrain & Spine-Lines

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Video from December 14th, 2019

Video filmed by Mountain Grown Media

Alpine Meadows ski resort in Lake Tahoe, California has rowdy terrain.

Really rowdy terrain.

But you’ll have to walk for it.

That’s OK, because those walks are what deliver the breakthrough.

The breakthrough to the special zones of Alpine that hold powder snow for days after a storm.

Map showing the walk-to rowdy skiing zones of Alpine Meadows, CA.

Last Saturday, December 14th 2019, Bevan Waite cruised out to Alpine’s rowdy ridgetop terrain and dropped this wild spine-line before hitting some fun cliff-drops in The Buttress zone.

We’ve been skiing Squaw and Alpine for 20 years and we’ve never been out to these zones…

Looks like this is the year to give it a go!

It’s pretty great when you can find ski-movie quality lines in your backyard that you’ve never noticed before.

Game on.

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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Alpine Meadows, CA Has Rowdy Inbounds Terrain & Spine-Lines

  1. quit telling every kook where the goods are! what the F is wrong with you?!
    stop sharing the stash locations before you get your access rights revoked.

  2. I too have been riding alpine 20 years and would never send gapers out that way. You can see it from the lot and lift, if people can get out there they get the goods. Enjoy it now, interconnect lift supposed to have mid station right there. Sigh.

  3. For those that don’t know, this stuff is off the High Traverse. That map is wrong. Just take high t as far as you can go, then just a bit further and you’ll know it when you get there. Also, the video makes it look a lot steeper than it really is.

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