Video: Andre Botha Rescues & Revives Evan Geiselman in Heavy Surf at Pipeline Yesterday

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Evan Geiselman suffered a serious injury on Sunday after a wipeout at Pipeline on the North Shore of O’ahu. Evan was held under a three wave set after a strong barrel closed out on him. Andre Botha spotted unconscious Geiselman face-down in the water and went to the rescue. Andre began ‘Expired Air Resuscitation’ while grasping Evan’s limp body as the waves swept them down the beach.

The large wave that ended up holding Evan Geiselman underwater! PS: Ellis

Immediately after spotting Geiselman, Mick Fanning dropped his boarded and ran to the scene to aid lifeguards and Botha in removing him from the water. Andre Botha has been accredited with saving Evan’s life and his actions were nothing short of incredible. Originally, Geiselman was placed in Critical Condition, but he has improved to stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery after being held under for a three-wave set.

“Andre Botha was my guardian angel today! The support has been overwhelming! I can’t thank everyone enough who saved my life today forever grateful. Love you all and everyone’s who’s been worried about me I’ll be back soon. Love these people more than words can describe who haven’t left my side for a second.” – Evan Geiselman

Mick Fanning sprinting to the rescue of Evan Geiselman! PC: Ellis

Everyone acted accordingly when Geiselman didn’t surface after a gnarly crash, which Geiselman is very thankful for.

Andre Botha rescuing Evan Geisel!

Andre Botha knew exactly what to do when he spotted Evan Geiselman unconscious in the water and those actions saved his life.

Rescuers carting Geiselman to an awaiting ambulance! PC: Ellis

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of local paramedics, lifeguards, and Andre Botha, Evan Geiselman is in stable condition and on his way to a full recovery.

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