VIDEO: Andy Hays Charging the Best Lines at Squaw Valley This Season

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The Andy Hays just released this badass edit of charging technical lines at Squaw Valley, CA this winter.  It’s the best edit we’ve seen from Squaw this year as it features The Chimney & The Fingers.

In this edit you’ll see:

  • Chimney Sweep
  • Center Line
  • Main Air 
  • The Drifter
  • more

Squaw has gotten 183-324″ of snowfall this winter and they have a 59-116″ snowpack.

image: prince rama
image: prince rama

Andy wants you to know about the solid music that accompanies this edit, they’re friends of his from Brooklyn, NY:

Prince Rama

Set to release their extreme sports inspired album, Xtreme Now on Carpark Records, Brooklyn based “Now Age” duo Prince Rama sought an appropriately xtreme venue for their world premier.  Of course this led them to the steeps of Squaw Valley.  Lead singer Taraka Larson gives some insight into the decision:
 “Defying internet conventions, Prince Rama has chosen the top of a ski mountain to premiere their new extreme-sports themed album Xtreme Now, streaming it from a speaker placed on high atop its summit. They enlisted the locally infamous skier Andy Hays to document the process with GoPros, blasting the album on his headphones as he shreds the gnar.”
image: prince rama
image: prince rama
Taraka further explains that  the inspiration behind the pairing of Prince Rama’s  music and extreme sports culture was born out of a near death experience in 2012 inside an ancient Viking ruin which sparked a recurring sense of time-schizophrenia, or the physical sensation of existing in multiple time periods simultaneously.  In this case a joint existence in both the Medieval ages and the year 2067.
“In the year 2067, I witnessed an aesthetic landscape where art museums are sponsored by energy drink beverages and beauty is determined by speed. I saw a vision of ancient tapestries stretched across half-pipes and people base-jumping off planes with the Mona Lisa smiling up from their parachutes. I saw art merge with extreme sports to form a new aesthetic language of ‘Speed Art.’ I realized that time travel was possible via the gateway of extreme sports, and I wanted to make music that would provide the score.”
The album can be streamed at and will be released via i tunes and Carpark Records  on March 4.

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