VIDEO: Avalanche Buoy Allows For Quick & Easy Location Of Buried Victims

Chris Wallner | BackcountryBackcountry | AvalancheAvalanche

When an individual is fully buried by an avalanche, the biggest challenge is to quickly rescue them. Thankfully, this product helps speed that process up immensely. The ROTAUF HLT5 Avalanche Buoy is a hand-held float that allows for quick and easy location of those victims.

“Intuitive, easy handling is essential in an avalanche. Before heading into the backcountry, the MRK5-Module is unlocked, and its handle pops out automatically. The handle is readily accessible, if and when it’s needed. The HLT5-Holster with integrated avalanche buoy enables easy and rapid location of people buried by an avalanche. Light weight, high comfort and its ease of use characterize the valuable companion on ski tours and freeriding.”

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