VIDEO: Avalanche Control in Kazakhstan is Sketchy… Real Sketchy…

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Sprengarbeiten in Shymbulak, Kasachstan. Es war nicht immer einfach und ungefährlich Lawinen zu sprengen. Vor allem mit den einfachen Mittel die uns zur Verfügung standen. Wir sprengten mit Pyrotechnik und nicht mit Sprengmittel. Daher auch die extreme einschränkung in der Reichweite, da mußten wir auch direkt im Hang unsere Abschußrampen bauen. Siehe Video. Alles gut gegangen und Lustig wars auch.

Posted by Peter Weber on Friday, March 11, 2016


In Kazazkhstan, ski patrollers use fireworks as avalanche bombs as well as some unusual techniques to avoid the avalanches they create….

They ended up ripping out a pretty big avalanche.  They’re technique is the climb the lift tower all together and watch the avy take out their snowmobile.

“Work in explosive shymbulak, Kazakhstan. It wasn’t always easy and safe to blow up avalanches. Especially with the simple resources were available to us. We blew up with pyrotechnics and not with said amendment. Hence the extreme limitation in the coverage, as we had to hang also directly in our shooting down ramps build. See video. Everything went well and it was funny too.” – Peter Weber

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