VIDEO: Avalanche Forecast Analyzes 10-Foot Deep Avalanche in McAtee Basin, Montana

AvyBrains | | AvalancheAvalanche

Avalanche conditions are treacherous across the Western United States right now. 

Basal weak layers are plaguing mountain ranges with big slide paths, causing absolutely giant avalanches to break loose such as this one in Montana. 

This video’s YouTube caption reads:

“We went into McAtee Basin to check out a snowmobile-triggered avalanche that reportedly broke 10′ deep on Saturday (2/20). On our way, we found a smaller, but still dangerous avalanche that was also triggered yesterday. The story is simple, we have had a lot of new snow in February, the winds are transporting the soft snow into thick slabs, and we have a weak foundation of sugary facets near the ground. Add a steep slope and a trigger and we are likely to see avalanches.”

Remember: the #1 tool you have at your disposal to avoid getting caught in an avalanche is skiing slopes less than 30º in slope angle, and staying out from under slopes that are above 30º in slope angle. 

Stay safe out there!

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