[VIDEO] Aymar Navarro’s Shoulder-Shattering Crash at Xtreme Verbier on the 2022 Freeride World Tour

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While competing at the Xtreme Verbier stop on the Freeride World Tour last Saturday, freeskier Aymar Navarro took a crash. 

A big one—as you can probably tell from the video above. 

The Spanish freeskier was hitting a triple cliff during the event when he lost control of his ski on the landing of the third cliff and tumbled over rocks. He briefly lost consciousness before being taken off the mountain by rescue teams. He ended up breaking his shoulder in two spots, his hand, and bruising various parts of his body. But he is alive and well.

Navarro wrote in an Instagram post regarding his crazy crash (translated from Spanish):

“It is not pleasant to end the season with such a fall and less with an injury but there is nothing other to look forward to than putting on my skis as soon as possible. I am already at home resting. Thank you very much for all the messages of support during these days, it is very much appreciated No one said that this would be a path of roses. #YouFallYouGetUP PS: After the last check-up in the hospital, my double left scapular fracture is confirmed and no further injury is ruled out. No need to go to the operating room “


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