[VIDEO] Backcountry Access 25 Years Deep

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This Backcountry Access 25 Years Deep video shows how BCA has evolved to promote good decision making and a #sendandreturn mentality to skiing and riding in the backcountry. Featuring a burly Alaskan line and Float airbag deployment by Daron Rahlves and some timely BC Link radio comms to keep snowboarder Hunter Schleper out of a slide coming down behind him.

Backcountry Access (BCA) is a leading manufacturer of snow safety equipment, including BCA Tracker avalanche transceivers, Float avalanche airbags, BC Link radios, MtnPro snowmobile gear, Stealth avalanche probes, and Dozer shovels. BCA’s mission is to save lives, not just sell products. BCA considers avalanche education to be as important as its avalanche safety equipment and delivers all of its products with consumer education and knowledgeable customer service.

Learn more: https://backcountryaccess.com/

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