[VIDEO] Badass Moose Chases Petrified Bear Around Lake Shore

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If you asked me which animal I was most afraid of bumping into while hiking, I’d say a bear. Big teeth, sharp claws, fast, can climb trees are all a recipe for my worst nightmare.

However, the above video is making me rethink that… this bear seems very afraid of this moose. Enough to run in to and break a glass door.

I’m guessing momma moose had young nearby.

If my scariest animal is scared of a moose, I’m guessing I should be too.

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2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Badass Moose Chases Petrified Bear Around Lake Shore

  1. Wrong Steven, Brown bears have claws on their rear feet and they can climb trees. What really stops them from climbing tree is their size immense as adults. Otherwise an immature brown bear has no problem climbing trees. The other factors are size and shape of their claws and the rear paw joint flexes inward and not outward. Imagine a wild animal with No claws on there rear feet, it’s not going to work

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