[VIDEO] Big Pillow Dropping & Booter Flipping @ BC Backcountry Hut Last Week

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

Video from January 22-29, 2022 in British Columbia, Canada

Last week, we spent 8-days at a remote backcountry hut in British Columbia with 11 good friends and no electricity.

Heli in, ski 8 days, heli out.

My knee was bad so I didn’t do anything cool, but these 2 young guns showed up (Seth & Ashton) and went off.

Big pillow drops, backflips, cork 7s, everything…

The timelapse videos of the gurgling fog are unreal

Much more to come from this trip last week!

Ashton getting nasty in the pillows. image: seth hampton


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