VIDEO: Budweiser Seeks To Be Official Beer of Utah | Vote #Bud4Utah

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Utah has an official state-something for almost everything, ranging from state bird (seagull) to state snack food (Jell-O), and much more. 

But it doesn’t have a state beer — or at least not yet. 

Budweiser has launched a campaign aimed towards becoming the state beer of Utah, and their marketing tactics are hilarious. Just watch the commercial above.

None of the 50 U.S. states have a state beer, but Budweiser wants to change that. You can help Budweiser’s initiative to become the state beer of Utah by sharing this video!

“Last year, the Beehive State finally got 5% beer. Now from St. George all the way up to Tremonton, Utahns can’t get enough Bud. So this year, let’s outdo last year, and get this great state an officially great beer to match. Why not propose Budweiser for Utah’s official state beer? Show your support by sharing this video!” — Budweiser

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Budweiser Seeks To Be Official Beer of Utah | Vote #Bud4Utah

  1. They think Utah has no beer culture so we will gladly accept them to come fill the void. They think we are stupid and gullible. All of us have a local beer and brewery that we love, no one feels anything for Budweiser beyond “it exists.”

  2. Why support this stupid campaign? Help Utah by not helping Budweiser, and supporting a local brewery for our official state beer. Did you get paid to post this or are you just being thoughtless?

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