VIDEO: CAIC Director Explains Colorado’s Current ‘Once Every 10-Years’ Snowpack

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Why is this season’s snowpack a different beast? Ethan Greene, Director of the CAIC explains why someone who has been backcountry skiing for 10 years in Colorado probably has never seen a snowpack like this one.


Aaron Carlson, executive director of Friends of CAIC, adds context to the number of accidents we’ve seen this year.

Please watch and think about these conditions as you consider backcountry travel. Please read the forecast before you go! Let’s join together as a community and turn these trends around.

All the footage and pictures are from this season, 2020/2021.

There have been 11 fatalities in Colorado this season, more than the year-long average of 6, and it’s only February.

There have been 21 fatalities across the US in February alone.

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