VIDEO: California Snowpack, Water Supply, & Reservoir Update: We Still Need More…

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This video shows us where we are snowpack-wise, and how our reservoirs are holding up.  California has been in an exceptional drought the past few years.  Even if this winter is very wet, we’re still going to be in some sort of drought.

image:  noaa, jan. 10th, 2016
image: noaa, jan. 10th, 2016

Our snowpack is currently slightly above average at around 107%, but we’re actually slightly below average in the precipitation department.

The news is good so far this winter as we’ve already seen up to 30-feet rises in some of our reservoirs.

3 storms are on track for California this week.

“This video highlights the current state of Caliofornia’s major water supply reservoirs and how the recent storms have helped. It also shows the latest snowpack condition and runoff projections for the Sacramento Basin.” – NOAA, jan. 10th, 2016

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