VIDEO: Can Dynamite Save You From an Avalanche?

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Avalanches are mysterious and complex, and the science of these natural phenomena is incomplete. One thing that is known is how to prevent them. To do that, you have to do something counterintuitive — you have to start them.

In the coming years, new technologies could transform our understanding of these deadly events. Scientists may be able to more efficiently and effectively identify the danger zones. And that could help save lives.

Can Dynamite Save You From An Avalanche? is the latest episode (8-minute video) from the online series Overview, which publishes on PBS Terra, a science and nature-focused YouTube Channel. It was filmed at Solitude Mountain Resort in Northern Utah.

Hosted by Dr. Joe Hanson from It’s Okay to be Smart, Overview uses incredible 4k drone footage to reveal the natural phenomena shaping our planet from a 10,000-foot view—literally.

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