VIDEO: Candide is So Good at Skiing, He Doesn’t Even Need Snow…

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Candide has become so good at skiing, he doesn’t even need snow anymore.

Backflips, 360s over road gaps, tree skiing, no snow, whatever.

Oh, and don’t forget that Candide’s back looks like this.  The guy simply defies logic.

Candide Thovex's back.
Candide Thovex’s back. photo: Christoffer Sjøstrom/Quiksilver

I’ve been really lucky. We had a big jump for the Candide Invitational. I hit it, but was missing some speed. I landed on the knuckle and I broke my L1. It was bad. When you break your back, you are always very close to being paralyzed. The doctors said that I might ski again, but never the way I used to. Look, they are trained to be realistic—doctors don’t do what we do. And the mental side [of recovery] is very important. I knew I was going to ski again. I was confident in myself.

I did surgery right away, and went to a rehab center for a month and half. When you break your back, you either don’t get surgery, and you cannot move for months, or they do the surgery and you start to walk in two days. One year after the crash, I started to ski. But even a little bump would hurt. I started wondering, “Maybe those guys are right, I won’t be the same on snow again.” But I was getting better and better. I started skiing in the powder. It was softer and easier on my back. I just wanted to get back into skiing. Get fun back. One year later, I decided to do some competitions. First I did the Red Bull Linecatcher. I wanted to see where my skiing level was. And then, when I won I thought I should try the Freeride World Tour. – Candide Thovex told Freeskier Magazine

Candide did try the Freeride World Tour, and he won it.  Such a badass.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Candide is So Good at Skiing, He Doesn’t Even Need Snow…

  1. What a great commercial with absolutely incredible CGI! Graphics nowadays are so flawless that this looked TOTALLY believable. If I’d never before tried to ski wooden bridges, meadows, or asphalt, this commercial would have made me want to try. That was beyond impressive. Kudos to whoever produced this!

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