VIDEO: Heli-Bomb Triggered Avalanche In Colorado Gives You A Closer Look Than You’d Ever Want

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On Sunday, avalanche mitigation was being conducted by a helicopter working with the Aspen Ski Patrol.

This slide was triggered on the back side of Lodge Peak near Aspen Highlands.

This video gives you a closer look than you’d ever want.

“Watching this video is the closest we’d ever want to come to an avalanche. This avalanche was set off on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. by a helicopter working with Aspen Ski Patrol doing avalanche mitigation. The helicopter dropped charges into Loge Bowl on the back side of Loge Peak near Aspen Highlands. Jesse Deane and his dad were asked to help make sure the Maroon Creek Road was clear of pedestrians before the charges were dropped. He captured this video of the avalanche that occurred.”

– Stated the Aspen Times on Facebook

Video courtesy of Jesse Deane

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