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Cody Laplante, Everybody!

Cody was born in 2002, in California, and is now based at Squaw. This has always seemed a good choice for a ripping young skier, following in the footsteps of legendary free skiers.

At just 15, Cody’s list of achievements reads like a manual for how to progress in the industry.

Starting competing at 9 years old, he took first place in the slopestyle at the USASA 9 and under national championships. This was the first in a hatful of podiums on his way to winning at the USSA JR nationals in 2015/16. All this success is not really a surprise, when you look back at his trick list. On his way to the first ever Triple Misty 1440, in Cardona in 2016, highlights include first “crowd pleaser” at 7, doubles at 11, and triples at 13. So this kid has undoubted talent, then.

From this video part, it is pretty clear that its not just all about pushing the freeskiing envelope though, as Cody styles his way around this ghost mining town. They say ghosts keep an eye on the living. I’m sure these miners will be joining the rest of us in keeping an eye on Cody Laplante in the run up to the 2018 Olympics in Peongchang.


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