VIDEO: Cody Townsend Lets Loose While Skiing Untouched Fall Lines In Nevada’s Ruby Mountains

Dylan Cautela | BackcountryBackcountry


Cody Townsend and crew went on a mission throughout the Ruby Mountains in Nevada to search for the next Terminal Cancer type of couloir. For those who don’t know, Terminal Cancer is an extremely aesthetic couloir with beautiful tall rock walls and a consistent pitch along the whole descent, which is rather long and narrow. Townsend may not have found the next TC, but they certainly got to rip some prime conditions and cool locations with clear intentions of extending the search into future seasons. Keep an eye open for their next attempts at couloir hunting in the Rubys.


I want to couloir hunt!!!
Cody Townsend ripping through one of the many neat little couloirs they discovered throughout the Ruby Mountains. Source; Chasing a Rumor Video.

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