VIDEO: Cody Townsend Talks Secrets, Nuances and Selecting Ski Bindings

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Cody Townsend is a California beach kid from Santa Cruz who was the high school quarterback dating the head cheerleader while simultaneously winning the Junior Olympics Downhill ski race at 16 years old, who became a legendary freeskier out of Lake Tahoe, California. He’s done Hollywood stunts for Vin Diesel, he skied “The Most Insane Line Ever” in Alaska, he’s in approximately 1 zillion amazing ski movies, and he now is the star and producer of The Fifty Project where he’s attempting to climb & ski the 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America.

In this video, he talks about backcountry ski gear. Townsend wrote in the video’s caption:

“The world of ski bindings is complicated; full of obscure abbreviations, secretive codes and plenty of marketing speak. This episode cuts through the noise to explain the main differences between the categories of ski bindings on the market today to help you make a better binding selection specifically for your needs.

In this episode, we break down the difference between Alpine Bindings, Frame Touring Bindings, Hybrid Bindings and Pin Touring Bindings. We cover the differences in ISO Norms between Alpine Norms and Touring Norms, the difference between Frame Bindings and Hybrid Bindings, why touring pivot points are important and much more. This is a detailed, in-depth look at the world of ski bindings. Use the information here to make better decisions for yourself.

This episode brought to you by Tahoe Sports Hub in Truckee, CA.” – Cody Townsend

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