VIDEO: Colorado is Reporting 85 Remote Triggered Avalanches in December

Miles Clark | | AvalancheAvalanche

“Our very weak snowpack is not going away any time soon. One of the more nefarious features of this year’s snowpack is that you can trigger avalanches remotely. This means you can travel in low-angle terrain and start a crack that runs through the snowpack to a steeper slope – then AVALANCHE! In December we’ve recorded 85 remotely triggered avalanches, and the most recent reports where yesterday. What does this mean for all of us? – We need to pay attention to the slopes we are crossing AND the connected terrain. SLOPE ANGLE MATTERS! Crossing under even small steep slopes, like road cuts or gully walls, could be dangerous. Small changes in your route could lead to big changes in your safety. The avalanche danger will rise with each storm and slowly fall during periods of calm weather. With the snowpack we have this year the spikes will be dramatic and the dips uninspiring. Please check the avalanche forecast before you go out. Plan your backcountry tours carefully. Enjoy our wonderous mountains, and come home safely.” – Colorado Avalanche Information Center, 12/30/20

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