VIDEO: Cool 4k Drone Flyover of Boulder, CO

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Fly over a Rocky Mountain college town known for its expansive views, hyper-active residents, socks in Chacos, and bikes more expensive than the cars they’re carried on.

I had a week near the end of my summer to showcase my hometown from a fresh perspective using my Phantom drone.

Early mornings and sweaty hikes provided great light, awesome locations, and high stoke.

It’s exhilarating to see how a place I know well can look so different from the air.

flatirons, colorado, boulder,
Flatirons, Boulder, CO

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One thought on “VIDEO: Cool 4k Drone Flyover of Boulder, CO

  1. Dog’s aren’t made to be towed behind runners or bicycles in warm weather. It is illegal abuse.

    It is the same as locking them in hot cars.

    They do not have any sweat glands. Just insulating fur. They can only cool themselves by panting through their tongue.

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